Disgraced TikToker Mizzy admits pranking for the money and unveils his next move

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    Teenage 'TikTok terror' Mizzy has admitted in an exclusive chat with the Daily Star that he pulled his nasty pranks for money – and has revealed his next move.

    Mizzy, real name Bacari Ogarro, caused outrage a couple of weeks back after a video of him entering the home in Islington, north London went viral.

    The video is just one of many stunts where he interferes with the public, and his antics have since seen him arrested, fined and landed him in a chair across from Piers Morgan on his TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

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    Speaking to the Daily Star, the 18-year-old revealed just why he pulled the pranks, which included walking into a young family's home, strolling up to a lady on a park bench and stealing her dog, and even asking people on the street if they want to die.

    "The main thing I got out of the pranks was the clout, the name and the money to be honest," he said.

    He said he made his money through YouTube ad revenue, Snapchat and Instagram promotions, donations and streaming revenue.

    Surprisingly, Mizzy then said he would like to become positive role model.

    He said: “Now I’ve built a name I’m trying to do a more positive approach to content to help more younger people and keep them away from making the same decisions I made.”

    And asked how Piers Morgan interview was, he complained: “Crazy still but he didn’t even let me speak though, he just has his own set morals.”

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    The two butted heads on the show on Wednesday night, May 24, calling eachother idiots and generally screaming at one another.

    Mizzy later admitted that his own mother told him his antics were "wrong".

    He pleaded guilty to breaching a community protection order he was given last year when he walked into a family's house on 15 May.

    He was fined £365 in relation to the video, the one that propelled him to social media infamy.

    The judge at Thames Magistrates Court gave Ogarro a two-year criminal behaviour order.

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