Dog saves owners life by smelling epileptic seizure – before it happens

This is the incredible moment a German shepherd realised his owner was about to have an epileptic seizure before it even happened.

TikTok user tinastikeleather was training her dog Max on how to react when a seizure happens in a video that has gone viral online.

But just a few seconds into the clip, the pooch started to sniff around his owner,and climbed up onto the kitchen surface she was standing next to.

Tina was seemingly unaware that she was about to have a seizure and is shown looking confused by her dogs actions.

The final half of the video shows her falling to the ground, but being lowered carefully by the dog, who then lies underneath her to protect her head from hitting the ground.

The video has since gone viral, with more than 2.3 million views. Tina unsurprisingly labelled her beloved Max “my lifesaver”.

And she admitted in a reply to a comment about it that she thought “he wanted some lovins (sic)”.

One viewer wrote: “he did an amazing job keeping you from going down so fast.”

Another added: “Oh my gosh this made me cry, how wonderful are animals especially your own (sic). I bet your (sic) so thankful for him.”

A 2019 report found that dogs are able to detect imminent seizures as they are associated with certain odours.

The dogs’ ability to detect positives ranged from 67% to 100%, while their ability to correctly identify negatives ranged from 95% to 100%.

Chief executive of Support Dogs Rita Howson said: “Dogs are very good observers of humans. Dogs know what is going to happen when you pick up their leash – their behaviour indicates this.

"Their behaviour can also change when they pick up on more subtle cues – maybe a smell or behavioural change in the client that occurs before an oncoming seizure.

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