Dog walker takes one-in-a-million snap of wasp only seen 3 times in 100 years

A dog walker was stunned after spotting a wasp that has only been seen three times in the last 100 years.

Cathryn Dhonau stumbled across the UK's rarest wasp near her home in Worcester while with her dog Chance.

The 46-year-old took a 'one-in-a-million' snap of the bug, which has a distinct red colour.

Experts later identified the species of Ichneumon wasp – a group of around 32 subfamilies that contain around 2,500 species of parasitoid wasps – as the Agrothereutes abbreviatus.

It is the first time the species has been recorded in Worcestershire, say experts.

According to The Mirror, Dhonau said: "I noticed a little red bug on the pavement… Thinking little of it initially, I just carried on walking, but a niggling curiosity got the better of me and I carefully retraced my steps for a closer look.

"Being a photographer with close-up work a particular interest, I do love and notice the unusual – this was a creature I had certainly never come across before…

"I managed to get a quick photograph using the macro function on the phone. I googled my finding and it became apparent that it was rarely seen in the UK.

"I reported my finding to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust who've since confirmed this is only the third reported sighting in the UK in 100 years and a first for Worcestershire, which is quite exciting."

Commenting on the discovery, Wendy Carter, communications manager for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, said: "It's great to see what else is out there.

"It's always really exciting for someone to find a species of wildlife that's never been seen in the county before…

"Has this wasp just arrived in Worcestershire or has it been here all along and no-one's spotted it?

"The natural world is full of surprises – like Cathryn, we just have to take time to notice what's going on right under our noses."

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