Dog’s excited reaction to owners throwing a surprise birthday party melts hearts

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A dog's excited reaction to its owners throwing a surprise birthday party has left people with melted hearts.

The video was posted on Reddit by user LazagnaAmpersand with the caption: "My dog is turning ten, so we threw him a surprise party."

The post quickly had people commenting about how the dog had the "best time".

The video shows friends and family gathered round as the dog runs in.

Viewers also picked out how the pooch greeted each guest one at a time in sheer excitement.

People were also shocked at the age of the hound, with people aghast that he is 10-years-old, with the owner even admitting that people think he is a puppy at first.

One person commented on the thread: "Your dog looks great for ten! What a good boy."

The owner replied: "Everybody thinks he's a puppy until we point out the grey on him lol. No signs of slowing down yet!"

People were also "loving" the dog themed napkins and plates set out at the table for the people at the party to use.

One commenter wrote: "Omg good dog is so happy. And I’m loving the doggy plates and napkins as well!."

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With the owner replying: "They're too fun haha they came in a set with a dog banner too, it's all dogs with different party hats and glasses. We hung it over the bar, you can kind of see it to the top right in the beginning of the video."

People are now set on hosting their own doggy surprise parties, with one person commenting: "This is such a good idea!! definitely doing this for my dog sometime. when she gets really excited about seeing her friends she cries and sings so it will probably be super cute."

One person enjoyed it so much they decided to call it a day for their time on the internet, with them logging off on a high.

They commented: "That's that. I'm ending the internet on this for the day. That was freaking adorable!"

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