Dog’s look of ‘utter disgust’ at owner’s new puppy leaves viewers in stitches

A dog’s seriously unhappy reaction to his owner bringing home a new puppy has gone viral online.

The clip begins with the pooch excitedly jumping up and down to try and get a peak of what her owner is carrying.

But when she kneels down and reveals the puppy, the dog is far from impressed.

She immediately stops jumping, gives a baffled glare and walks off.

Just before the video ends, the dog glances back once more to show her displeasure.

The video has been upvoted more than 42,000 times on Reddit since being shared by user cardinannigans with the caption: “Introducing our Aussie to her new puppy sister.”

And viewers were left in fits of laughter at the pooch’s reaction.

“That look back of disgust at the end got me,” one wrote.

Another, mimicking the dog’s voice, said: “I give you all my love and this is how you repay me?!

A third joked: “It's like ‘who brought the f***ing rat’.”

And a fourth said: “Last look: ‘You are DEAD to me’.”

It turns out dogs have a habit of showing their disapproval at new pets being introduced to the family.

Last month, a German shepherd was filmed glaring at his family’s new puppy in a TikTok video seen more than 6 million times.

Meanwhile, another dog was recently seen expressing his unhappiness at his owner suddenly stopping stroking him.

And German shepherd Lola has become Hull’s most famous dog, with her Instagram account racking up more than 500,000 followers.

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