Donald Trump approval rating: President reaches highest approval in months as US votes

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden have a matter of hours to attract voters to their side as Americans vote today. They will need massive widespread approval in some key states to take the White House, and Mr Biden has maintained a consistent lead since day one of his campaign as a Democrat contender. But Mr Trump has recently started gaining on his rival, edging forwards to an approval high not seen since March.

President Trump’s approval rating has fluctuated since he took office in 2016.

His career-high came just as he became commander-in-chief in 2017, according to analysts with FiveThirtyEight, which put his international approval at 45.5 percent.

Since then Americans seem to have generally disapproved of him, with approval reaching a maximum of 45 percent in April this year.

At the same time, his disapproval dipped below 50 percent to 59.8 for the first time since 2017.

Today, Mr Trump rocketed to his second-highest approval rating of all time, according to the site.

FiveThirtyEight’s data shows 44.6 percent of people currently approve of him, the highest since April 3, when the President held 45.8 percent.

Overall, 52.6 percent of people disapprove of him, slightly more than the 52.3 who disapproved in April.

Despite his gains, the President’s final approval rating is lower than another unpopular one-term president.

Jimmy Carter, who served as 39th president between 1977 and 1981, bottomed out at 45.5 percent before he lost to Ronald Reagan.

Mr Trump’s low approval could spell disaster, as no president has ever held on to incumbency with a rating as low as his.

If he loses today, he will become the first president to lose a re-election bid since George HW Bush in 1992.

According to political analyst Bill Scher, the President’s approval bottomed out even when he was performing well.

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Writing on Twitter, he said coronavirus is just a symptom of his overall ratings problem.

He said: “Trump has held underwater job approval ratings his entire presidency even when the economy was growing.

“Most Americans were already tired of his divisive behaviour before the pandemic struck, and nothing has changed since.

“There should be no spin that late events dictated the outcome, or that Trump would have won if not for the misfortune of the initial pandemic or the 3rd Covid spike.”

Mr Scher said the pandemic should have given the President some incentive to get Americans in his corner.

But he ultimately squandered the opportunity in favour of playing to his base supporters.

He added: “If anything, the pandemic was a political opportunity to turn Trump’s fortunes around.

“A responsible handling of the crisis would have put to rest concerns that swing voters held about his character and competence. But he chose to double down on division.”

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