‘Drink driver’ crashes into police station before officers go out and arrest him

Police officers at Northwich Police Station in Cheshire were shocked when an apparent drunk driver crashed his car quite neatly right in front of the nick on the evening of Saturday, March 27.

The officers inside came to see what all the noise was about and breathalysed the motorist.

Twice in fact, and both times the bag confirmed their initial assumption that the suspect had enjoyed a fair few cold drinks earlier that evening.

The arresting officers tweeted a photo of the crashed vehicle, with the wry caption: "If you do drink and drive, please be so kind to hand yourselves in like this chap."

They added: "The driver was arrested in the early hours and later provided two positive samples of breath."

The official tweet from Northwick police provided a good deal of amusement for social media users.

Quite a few people praised the driver’s "self-service delivery" that saw them saving the police a lot of footwork.

One wrote: "Even had the decency to miss the lamp posts!"

Nicola Parkinson said: "Oh dear, what a way to hand yourself in! bet they’ve got a sore head this morning."

Not everyone saw the funny side though.

One commenter, Stephen Catlow, remarked how the crash barriers had done little to prevent the car from mounting the pavement, saying: "Further proof that these fences will not save you from a driver like this and are only there to funnel pedestrians to a particular crossing point."

However, Keith Morrison replied that the concrete flower planter outside etc police station had soaked up much of the impact, saying: "Looks like the flower pot did a successful anti-vehicle job. Nice example of defensive design."

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