Driver fends off thieves by dousing them with petrol in terrifying car raid

This is the incredible moment a driver fends off three would-be car thieves by dousing them with petrol.

CCTV footage taken at an oil and gas station in Chile shows the driver filling up his car by himself when a white van pulls up right next to his car.

Three hooded men get out as one of them attempts to open the driver's door and the other two walk over to him.

The quick-thinking motorist pulls out the fuel hose and sprays the highly flammable liquid at the group.

He then directs the hose towards the van and continues to douse it with more fuel.

They retreat to the van within seconds and drive off the site.

Posting on Reddit, the video was captioned: "The hunters become the hunted – guy fends off robbers at the gas pump… with gas."

It stirred a discussion on the post as some said the thieves "deserved" for what they were trying to do to the driver.

Others, however, warned it is a seriously dangerous act to do in any petrol station.

One said: "I work at a gas station and yeah this is dangerous as f***. The gas soaked clothes are also very dangerous."

"So how does this guy get home safely now?" a second asked. "I wouldn't start my car after this. Both he and the car need a good washing now."

A third said: "That’s insane, they get what they deserve though."

"I love when robbers get wrecked like that, reminds me of Home Alone," a fourth added.

Meanwhile, a blunder car thief was caught after a BMW owner saw the crime from his bedroom window and used the remote key to trap him.

He was foiled by the deadlock system, which means once the driver has locked it, it can’t be opened from the inside using the door handles.

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