Driving instructor strangled student, 20, after she resisted his sexual advances

A driving instructor has been jailed for strangling a 20-year-old woman client after she resisted his sexual advances.

Student Vlada Larina was killed on the day she hoped to pass her test after failing previous attempts.

Her instructor Alexander Shashko, 50, had arranged to drive her to a test centre in Onega, in Russia's Arkhangelsk region, where he claimed he "had connections" which would help her succeed.

Rather than make the 125-mile journey from Arkhangelsk city, a court found that he strangled her with a rope after she resisted his attempt to rape her at his driving school.

He then dumped the corpse at a driving practice circuit and set fire to her remains which he then buried under old tyres in a ditch. He was under the influence of alcohol and a designer drug, the court found.

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Macabre CCTV footage shows Vlada get out of the instructor's car moments before she was sexually attacked and murdered. Then Shashko was caught on camera carrying her body to his car wrapped in cloth.

The shocking case has attracted additional attention because it was the victim's mother and stepfather who solved the crime after they claimed police were not properly investigating her sudden disappearance.

They are now furious that the instructor has been sentenced to a "lenient" nine-and-a-half years because he "co-operated" with police and the victim had acted in an "immoral" way.

The victim's mother Viktoria Chernysyova, 42, said: "It was us who solved the case and passed it to police."

She said the "immoral" claim was based solely on testimony by the instructor, who insisted she appeared sexually interested in him.

"This was his version, no-one else heard this," she said.

"Second, how can a person behave when she realises that she has been lured into a trap and cannot get out?"

She continued: "Vlada did not give any consent, and in fear, she began to threaten him. So he had no other way and killed her.

"Vlada was a modest, quiet girl, she always knew how to behave and speak decently, she would never say too much…

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"She always had a smile on her face, the same as me. In awkward situations, we smile. But this does not mean that we are somehow depraved."

Viktoria hit out at the judge for giving out a lighter sentence because Shashko finally confessed to the murder and told where he buried the victim.

She revealed she and her husband Sergey, 44, nailed the instructor by going to their local CCTV company and proving that Vlada had got into his car on the day she vanished.

He had claimed she was with friends and decided against taking the test.

She went on: "We decided to act.

"We asked him to meet us and provoked a fight, so the police would detain us all. Only after this did they listen to us."

Police then uncovered macabre footage of Vlada with the instructor shortly before she was sexually attacked and killed, and him carrying her body in a bag to his car.

She said: "Of course, we do not agree with the sentence."

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