Eight more vanish in mountain pass where nine died ‘in mysterious circumstances’

Eight tourists have gone missing in a mountain pass where nine hikers died under mysterious circumstances and found with their skulls smashed.

The current missing group are known to be from Moscow and were expected back on Wednesday, but failed to return.

A local resident said: "They were supposed to leave at eight o'clock this morning. But they have not returned yet and there is no contact with them," reports Newsweek.

They had reportedly come to the spot to pay tribute to the nine people who died more than 60-years-ago.

The Dyatlov Pass in Russia has been shrouded in mystery since an incident decades ago where hikers' bodies were found with brutal injuries.

At the time, many blamed the deaths of the hikers decades ago on aliens or "a large creature."

In 1959, the group of 10 experienced mountaineers had gone on a 200-mile hiking trip, though one student turned back due to joint pains, according to the BBC.

Seven men and two women went ahead on the mountain and their bodies were later found.

Though the first body was found near a cedar tree the following day – the rest were discovered in the months to come as snow melted, reports E1.ru..

Reports revealed some of the hikers had severe injuries with their skulls smashed.

  • Nine hikers found crushed to death in Russian mountains were ‘killed by a yeti’

Two were found with missing eyes and one had a missing tongue, while others died of hypothermia.

The cause of deaths was ruled as "unknown natural force" by the Soviets, who reportedly kept the investigation a secret, reports National Geographic.

Since then, theories such have surfaced to make sense of the bizarre fatalities.

Conspiracy theories involve aliens, Yeti attacks, tribe slaughter as well as infrasound-induced panic and Soviet military experiments.

The movie 'Devil's Pass' was made in 2013 highlighting the eerie case.

In January 2021, scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) have now created a computer model they claim shows the Dyatlov Pass hikers were possibly killed by a “slab avalanche" – a rare kind of avalanche where a large, virtually solid “slab” of snow and ice moves as one monolithic unit.

DailyStar has asked the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Sverdlovsk Region for comment.

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