Elderly couple forced off plane by police as airline suggested they were drunk

A pair of elderly holidaymakers had their trip turn sour when they were forced off a flight back to London by armed police.

Retired couple Richard Brailey, 71, and his wife Patricia, 66, were among at least 25 passengers booted off the Air Canada flight bound for Heathrow.

The pair have since said it was a "nightmare" end to their holiday in Montreal and that they were given no explanation by armed police for why they had been taken off of the flight.

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Airline staff in the terminal later said the couple may have been thrown off for being drunk or not wearing a face mask aboard the flight.

The Brailey pair were left dumbfounded after saying they hadn't been drinking and had stuck to wearing their facemasks on the flight as they waited for the flight to depart.

Other passengers thrown off of the plane included three members of the Williams Racing Formula 1 team, a doctor for the Aston Martin team that had been over for the Grand Prix and a pregnant woman.

Richard Brailey has insisted he saw no passenger booted off the flight responsible for any alleged wrongdoing, finding himself stuck in the hotel overnight with his wife in what the father-of-three labelled a "nightmare scenario."

One of their sons booked an alternative flight back home for the pair, with an eye-watering £1,300 splashed out on last-minute tickets after the pair had been booted off of their original flight.

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Richard said: "We were in total shock. I was assuming there must have been a problem with the paperwork or something. I was asking what it was all about and if I could speak to the Captain, but I was told that I would find out later. It was a nightmare scenario.

"It was utterly bizarre because there was no noise or aggravation on the flight. As far as I could tell everyone was behaving properly, and we certainly were."

A spokesperson for Montreal Trudeau International Airport was reported by Daily Mail as saying that passengers were escorted off the plane "at the request of the flight captain and crew".

Jay Egan, an engineer for Red Bull racing tweeted: 'The chief steward was on a power trip! She made out like people were kicking off or getting drunk. Full lies!' He added: 'Shocking treatment of many people on AC866'.

Daily Star has reached out to Air Canada for comment.


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