Elon Musk warns humans must ‘act now’ to settle Mars before mankind is wiped out

Elon Musk has warned that humans must get to Mars because it is one of the few ways which mankind can survive long-term.

The eccentric billionaire said being able to live on different planets is essential to avoid the ‘Great Filter’ paradox which would lead to the end of life on Earth, reports Science Times.

Boffin Enrico Fermi’s ‘Great Filter’ paradox says because of the size and age of the universe, there is bound to be life out there much more advanced than ours.

And top scientists argue the reason we haven’t met any of this advanced life is because once a civilisation reaches a certain size, it ends up killing itself through natural disaster or war.

Musk, SpaceX chief, says the solution to this paradox is to move planets and he has set his sights on Mars.

The 49-year-old South African said on Twitter: “SpaceX will be landing Starships on Mars well before 2030.

“Getting to Mars, I think, is not the fundamental issue.

"The fundamental issue is building a base, building a city on Mars that is self-sustaining.”

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But in the past, he’s warned just how tough conquering the cosmos will be.

He said: "I want to emphasise that this is a very hard and dangerous, difficult thing, not for the faint of heart.

"Good chance you'll die, it's going to be tough going, but it will be pretty glorious if it works out."

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Musk’s wacky ideas for the future also include colonizing far-flung locations, glass domes, and changing the atmosphere of the entire planet.

"Only now, 4.5 billion years after Earth formed, is (travelling to Mars) possible,” Musk Tweeted on Saturday.

“How long this window to reach Mars remains open is uncertain. Perhaps a long time, perhaps not. In case it is the latter, we should act now.”

Through leading the way in exploring the galaxy, the Tesla boss hopes he can ensure humanity has a place in the Universe in the future.

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