Emmanuel Macron’s ONLY chance to win election exposed by Frexit campaigner

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Trust in Mr Macron is continuing to plummet amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to an internet poll published yesterday, around 62 percent of French people admitted to not trusting their President. This result is six points up from the previous poll carried out in August, while trust in the government dropped five points.

The Elabe poll for BFMTV, which asked 1,000 people in France aged 18 and over, also found that nearly one in two people (47 percent) think the President is not taking “enough precautions” to limit the spread of the virus.

With the 2022 French presidential election nearing, these latest figures are without a doubt a worry for the En Marche leader.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, French politician and Frexit campaigner Charles-Henri Gallois claimed there is only one way for Mr Macron to win.

He said: “Normally, he would already be finished.

“But right now, the French political landscape is very divided.

“His only hope to win is to go onto the second term and then go against Marine Le Pen.

“If he is against her, he will definitely win.

“But if he is against another candidate or a coalition, he is done.”

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Mr Macron defeated Ms Le Pen by 66.06 percent to 33.94 percent in the 2017 election.

According to Mr Gallois, one of the biggest mistakes made by the French President during his presidency is agreeing to the EU Recovery Fund, which will see €750billion (£668billion) used as loans and grants to the countries hit hardest by the virus.

He explained: “It is catastrophic for France.

“We will basically end up paying so much more than what we receive.

“And as a consequence, there will be so much more pressure to adopt EU social policies, such as the pension reform.

“Really, it is a total disaster. And all the mainstream media in France are saying it is historic and wonderful, but they don’t explain the real cost.

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“All they are doing is this propaganda as if it is free money, but the citizens of France will foot the bill.

“Just like for the European budget.”

Mr Gallois has recently launched a new campaign, inspired by both the Brexit Party and Vote Leave.

He wants France to “reprenons le controle”, which roughly translates to take back control, and leave the EU through a referendum.

Brexit Party colours and fonts are used in his new campaign named Generation Frexit.

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