Eric Trump heartbreak: President’s absence in childhood left ‘void’ in son’s life

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The US election is under a month away with President Trump’s campaign team in full swing. November’s election has been packed with controversy, spanning the live TV debate between the incumbent and his main opposition, the Democrat’s Joe Biden, to Mr Trump’s positive testing for coronavirus. Having spent three nights in hospital, Mr Trump left his ward and returned to the White House.

Some of Mr Trump’s closest team members, which consist largely of his close family, have tested negative for COVID-19, including Ivanka, 38, and Baron Trump, 14.

There has been no information about the status of Mr Trump’s other children, Don Trump Jr, 42, Tiffany Trump, 26, and Eric.

Of the eldest trio who work closely with their father, Eric, the middle child, is perhaps the quietest.

The 36-year-old regularly appears on Fox News to fight his father’s cause, having made several controversial claims this year about the coronavirus, after previously suggesting that the pandemic will “magically all of a sudden go away and disappear”.

Little is known about Eric other than what was revealed during City & State New York magazine’s 2017 interviews with him, his friends and his family.

One passage from the piece sees Don Jr reveal how Mr Trump wasn’t present as a father, leaving a “void” during Eric’s formative years.

On Eric’s childhood, Don Jr said: “Perhaps I was able to fill some of that void for Eric because I had the benefit of maybe being a little bit older and having more time with my grandfather.”

Their mother’s father, Miloš Zelník was a Czech electrician who taught Don Jr how to fish and shoot guns in the woods near the Czech city of Zlín.

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After their grandfather passed away, Don Jr took Eric under his wing and passed on those skills.

Earlier on in the interview, Eric’s later schoolboy shenanigans were revealed.

Packed off and sent to boarding school, Eric’s classmates soon discovered the former career of his mother, Ivana: a model.

The taunting that ensued enraged Eric, and he took action by wrestling his bullies to the ground.


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The publication explained: “The dormitories were a steam valve of pent-up teenage angst.

“Existence was an endless stream of pranks, taunts and foul language.

“Classmates tormented Eric by downloading pictures of his famous mother and sister, then posting doctored photos of them around the dorm or on his computer background. Eric would respond by tackling the giggling offenders and wrestling matches would ensue.

“This was the jungle law of boarding school.

“Telling lewd jokes about someone’s sister was expected, but so was the requisite beatdown.

“However, Eric says he gave as good as he got, being taller and, perhaps, particularly well-motivated.”

Eric, like most of the Trump children, has made his fortune working for his father’s real estate company.

He also appeared on 23 episodes of “The Apprentice” US as a boardroom judge.

Both Eric and Don Jr sit as executive vice president for the Trump Organisation.

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