Eric Trump’s wrath laid bare as President looks set for embarrassment

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President Donald Trump is setting himself to battle the US election result in state courts around the country. He has already ordered his team of lawyers to launch several lawsuits against unproven claims of voter fraud. This includes in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Georgia.

In Pennsylvania, the claim is that Mr Trump’s supporters were not allowed to observe vote counting in Philadelphia – a city that allowed the President-elect to carry the state.

Across the country in Arizona, his claim appears to be based on a theory that voters who used sharpies on their ballots were not counted.

In Nevada, the claims are aimed at a machine used to verify signatures on voting ballots.

And, in Michigan and Georgia, Mr Trump’s ire is focused on alleged fraud and ballot irregularities – of which in Michigan have already been ruled out by state judges.

Mr Trump’s family has echoed the President’s baseless claims of fraud, while many of his staff have already reportedly left his team.

Eric Trump, the 36-year-old middle son has been particularly vocal in his anger at Mr Biden’s success, appearing several times on television to fight his father’s corner.

Little is known about Eric.

Most information about him surfaced in a 2017 City & State magazine interview, in which the publication spoke to both him and those close to him throughout various parts of his life.

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One story detailed his wrath on being bullied after his classmates discovered his mother’s modelling past.

The magazine explained: “The dormitories were a steam valve of pent-up teenage angst.

“Existence was an endless stream of pranks, taunts and foul language.

“Classmates tormented Eric by downloading pictures of his famous mother and sister, then posting doctored photos of them around the dorm or on his computer background. Eric would respond by tackling the giggling offenders and wrestling matches would ensue.


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“This was the jungle law of boarding school.

“Telling lewd jokes about someone’s sister was expected, but so was the requisite beatdown.

“However, Eric says he gave as good as he got, being taller and, perhaps, particularly well-motivated.”

Earlier on in the interview, Eric’s schoolboy shenanigans were also brought to light, him being described by a former classmate as “silly” – a trait which often “led him astray”.

The publication went on to note that despite his family being one of the wealthiest in the country, Eric had little access to cash while studying, and explained: “When his roommates ordered food from Hing San, he would haunt the doorway, looking for french fries.

“On excursions to the cineplex, classmates remember having to buy the billionaire’s son a movie ticket.

“His scavenging even earned him a yearbook superlative: ‘biggest mooch.’”

Eric and his siblings Don Jr and Ivanka have now been called on by fans of the Trump brand to run for election in 2024.

The trio have no prior political experience except that gained from their father’s one term in office.

Mr Trump will join a handful of other political figures who only served the American people for four years.

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