EU on brink: Brussels in meltdown as production and manufacturing levels collapse

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With the coronavirus continuing to grip Europe, the EU released worrying stats about how its industrial output collapsed in March. March was the month the coronavirus truly devastated the bloc, with nations such as Spain, Italy and France carrying out major lockdown measures to tighten up its defence against the infection. Similar conditions were put in place within the UK, although some of these restrictions have since been lifted.

But in concerning figures published by the European Commission last week, it emerged that production levels for March were harrowingly low.

The stats compared the production and manufacturing levels within the EU’s member states between March, 2020 and February, 2020.

According to Facts4EU, which highlighted the analysis, there was a 26.3 percent decline in Eurozone production of durable consumer goods.

This contrasted with the UK, which was only down by 3.9 percent.

The production of capital goods was also significantly down (15.9 percent) in the EU, while there was a fall of 11 percent in the bloc’s production of intermediate goods.

The three worst hit nations for declines, Facts4EU say, were Italy, Slovakia and France.

On its website, Facts4EU said: “The figures released by the EU should surely be a major wake-up call for governments across the EU – and for ministers in the United Kingdom.     

“If people aren’t going to work and if economies aren’t producing then they collapse. That is what has been happening.

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“In amongst all of this the EU Commission has been floundering. Despite this, Remoaner-Rejoiners continue to try to thwart Brexit on a daily basis.”

It comes as the UK continues to negotiate a trade deal away from the bloc after it formally left the EU on January 31.

 And reports reveal that the EU is now ready to move away from its strict position on fishing rights in June.

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The MailOnline says that currently the EU’s wishes would see the UK ordered to offer the bloc’s fishermen the same access to its waters.

This is a requirement of EU membership.

But senior diplomats within Brussels have finally admitted they have to “get realistic” about how to move forward on the Brexit deal and realise it must alter its position on fishing.

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