EU row erupts as MEPs clash over Brussels plot to cripple Spain and Italy with more debt

Italian MEP Elisabetta Gualmini and Spanish MEP Jonas Fernandez snapped at German MEP Andreas Schwab in a tense coronavirus EU row. Both the Italian and Spanish MEP took issue with the suggestion the EU budget should be massively increased to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Schwab argued the quickest way to help those most impacted by the coronavirus was to increase the EU spending budget.

However, both the Italian and Spanish MEP disagreed with Mr Fernandez arguing some nations may not recover from this financial burden.

While speaking on Euro News Mr Schwab said: “What we need at the moment is help for those people in need.

“What we cannot do is change the treaty because for that it would be a timely process.

“For that reason, Angela Merkel will surely not say this is not an option.

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“She will say that a huge increase with the EU budget and the ESM can help member states overcome the crisis.

Mr Gualmini disagreed and snapped: “I do not fully agree with my colleague.

“It is not correct to link the life and death of the European Union to the Euro bonds because there is already a wide box.”

Spanish MEP Mr Fernandez added: “The simple point is we need grants to member states.

“Because when the first state of this crisis is over national public debt will be very high.

“It will be so high in some countries there will be relevant problems to finance the recovery.”

Euro News host Darren McCaffrey asked the German MEP whether there were coronavirus response solutions being considered that did not further Spain and Italy’s debt.

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Mr Schwab answered: “Absolutely that is a very fair point.

“The debate member states are having are purely national debates and are not serving a common European cause.”

Ms Gualmini snapped: “You cannot ask a national leader to transform himself immediately into a European leader.

“He has a constituency and his electorate support is at the national level.”

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