EuroMillions winners celebrate Xmas – from wild parties to luxe Barbados trip

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    If you were lucky enough to suddenly become a millionaire today how would you celebrate Christmas?

    Although the question may seem as realistic as Santa Claus himself, some fortunate Brits have answered it after scooping the lottery.

    Many still spend their wealth giving back while others have already splurged it on cocaine and orgies.

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    Some meanwhile treat themselves and their loved ones to luxuries once unimaginable – like having your very own Christmas tree decorator.

    Below, we take a look at how the festive season was transformed for these five lotto winners.

    Frances and Patrick Connolly

    Three years ago Frances and Patrick Connolly bagged an almighty £114.9 million in a jaw-dropping EuroMillions jackpot.

    Since then the couple, from Armagh, Northern Ireland, have donated £60 million of it to charity.

    And the pair are particularly generous when it comes to Christmas, buying thousands of gifts for people who spend December 25 in hospital.

    As for their own Christmas celebrations, Frances previously said: “My grandchildren will be getting bigger boxes of Lego than before.

    “But our same decorations are going on the tree, albeit joined by a few new ones. We’re going to spend our usual quiet Christmas at home.”

    She added: “The security of his friends and the familiar school where he is thriving is perhaps the best gift anyone could give this Christmas.”

    Julie Amphlett and Sian Jones

    While the Connolly Christmas tree may look similar to before, the same can’t be said for that of Welsh women Julie Amphlett and Sian Jones.

    They were part of a hospital catering staff who won an enviable £25 million on the EuroMillions in November 2017 and they now have a total of eight indoor Christmas trees at their respective homes.

    Someone is even hired to decorate Sian's 7-foot tall trees but their Christmas dinners are slightly more humble, with M&S trimmings being the usual go to choice for the former colleagues.

    But their turkey is now longer bought from Tesco.

    Sian previously told The Sun: “We now have a Fortnum & Mason turkey delivered instead of queuing for one in Tesco!

    "We’ve had the Fortnum & Mason one before – it’s not that much different from normal but feels like a treat!”

    Julie added: “We can have all the Marks & Spencers trimmings for our Christmas dinner, instead of picking out just a few – we are ‘The Catering Girls’ after all!”

    Michael Carroll

    Michael Carroll pocketed £9.7 million in 2002 when he was a convicted criminal who wore an electronic tag.

    But the lotto lout wasted his winnings on a hedonistic lifestyle of drugs, booze and orgies.

    He also splashed out on fancy cars and a big home where he used to host Christmas parties to remember.

    But last year Michael, who lives in Moray, Scotland, spent Christmas Eve delivering coal for £10 an hour.

    He told the Daily Record: “I was going to Belfast but I’m working Christmas Eve, so I’m just going to spend it with me chick.

    “I used to go to hot places for Christmas – Jamaica or Barbados – or spend it was family.

    “A couple of times I put on a party at my big gaff but that’s in the past.”

    Despite blowing his fortune, Michael has no regrets, saying it was the best decade of his life.

    Sharon and Nigel Mather

    Sharon and Nigel Mather’s lives changed forever in 2010 after £12.4 million was pumped into their bank account.

    The epic EuroMillions victory led to the Manchester based couple handing out 30 cheques to friends and family members.

    And in a recent Christmas they spread their generosity even further by treating a Second World War veteran to a day he will never forget.

    Tom Beevers, who turned 105 in April, was greeted with a hamper full of Christmas treats along with a local choir who sang for him outside his home.

    The great-great grandad, and huge Everton supporter, said: “It’s a good feeling to have, to think that people think so much of you to come – I can’t put words to it.”

    Karen Dakin

    Dinner lady Karen Dakin was handed a cool £1 million cheque after bagging the lotto on Mother’s Day last year.

    It was a welcome reward after spending the pandemic grafting at her local school to feed children of key workers.

    And the cash meant the devoted mum could finally treat her son to Christmas presents without agognising over the cost.

    She said: "We had always struggled, so my dad gave us money that Christmas to help with Callum’s presents."

    Karen also swapped her two-bed rental for a five-bed bungalow and she picked her lucky numbers based on her son’s birthday.


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