Evacuation orders in rural Grand Forks downgraded to alerts

Residents in Johnson Flats near Grand Forks have been told that they can return to their homes, but they will remain on evacuation alert and must be ready to leave again at any time if the river rises through Sunday causing more flooding in the area.

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) issued evacuation orders to six properties on Beatrice Street in the early hours of May 19 when the Kettle River breached its bank, flooding two homes and cutting off access to four more.

Repairs have been made to Beatrice Street, and as residents return home the RDKB will work with homeowners to assess damages and will follow up with homeowners to assist in recovery.

A total of 14 properties are on evacuation alert and will remain on alert until the threat of flooding has passed.

An evacuation alert means residents must be prepared to leave at any time, and all those on evacuation alert have received instructions on how to prepare including getting grab-and-go bags ready (which should include several days of clothing, toiletries and medications), reviewing their emergency plan, gathering copies of important documents and mementos, and arranging for alternate accommodation.

Current river forecasts show the Kettle River could reach another river peak on Sunday, May 24.

Unsettled weather is expected to continue through the weekend giving way to clearer weather and warmer temperatures for the week of May 25.

Low-lying areas will remain vulnerable to flooding if rainfall is high, and warming temperatures will further drive snowmelt at high elevations next week.

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