Ex-cop kills trans lover, cuts off finger to use phone and pretend shes alive

A former police officer murdered his transgender girlfriend in a jealous rage and cut off her finger so he could unlock her phone and make it look like she was still alive, a court has heard.

Denis Kalinin, 22, strangled Viktoria Basakovskaya, 24, to death after a row and chopped off her fingers before dumping the body outside the village of Burmistrova in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia.

He then reported his dead partner missing to the police, the court was told.

Kalinin continued to send text messages from Viktoria's mobile phone in order to leave a fake trail for police.

But he was arrested after officers discovered he had been using her phone long after she was dead to convince others she was still alive.

Kalinin confessed to killing his partner, who he lived with in the village, on October 5 last year after flying into a jealous rage and becoming angry when she insulted his family.

He later showed officers where he had hidden the body.

Her friend Alina had become suspicious when she received a text message in which Viktoria appeared to praise Kalinin while claiming that a former lover called Maxim "wanted to kill" her.

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The message also asked Alina not to look for her if she went missing.

Alina was suspicious of the content of the message and spelling mistakes, she told police.

"He killed her early in the morning, and I got the message from, allegedly, Viktoria in the afternoon," said Alina.

"He cut off her finger and used it to unlock her phone. He wanted to cover up his tracks.”

The victim, originally from Kazakhstan, was still officially known by the male name in her passport.

Another friend said that Viktoria had "compromising evidence" about Kalinin in her phone. He had been concerned about this “leaking” to police, according to reports.

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