Ex-heroin addict who did drugs aged 6 and robbed dealers is stunning uni grad

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A mum-of-two has detailed her harrowing transformation from a heroin addict living in a “drug vortex” to one of the top students in her graduating university class.

Ginny Burton, 48, was jailed three times and introduced to cannabis by her own mum when she was just six while her dad was in prison for armed robbery. She started abusing crystal meth when she was 12.

The mum-of-two smoked crack from the age of 14 and was injecting heroin by the time she was 21.

When she was 16, she was raped by her mum's drug dealer.

Years later, Ginny began robbing Mexican drug dealers at gunpoint and crashed a stolen truck while being chased by police, KMTR reports.

"I am that person," she told the US outlet. "I have 17 felony convictions. I am the person you used to clutch your bag when I walked by you. I am the person that would randomly attack somebody in public.

"I was not a savoury person. Everybody was a victim, and everybody was prey."

She added: "You can't stand your life. You would rather be dead than alive. I spent most of my addiction wishing that somebody would just blow me away."

But her life was transformed forever when she was arrested for the last time in December 2012.

She decided to turn her life around after being imprisoned, and begged with the courts to place her into the Drug Diversion Court program.

Ginny finally rid herself from her addictions and criminal past for good, returning to education.

Having completed a college course in Seattle as the oldest person in her class, she was accepted by the University of Washington.

In 2019, she was awarded a scholarship and joined the university's all-academic team.

A year later was named the 2020 Truman Scholar for the state of Washington.

And now she has graduated from the University of Washington with a political science degree, and is hoping to work in prison reform.

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