‘Fake heiress’ launches vlog channel to ‘reclaim control of her own narrative’

"Fake heiress" Anna Sorokin has announced she is planning to launch a vlog series just days after her release from prison to "reclaim control of her own narrative".

Anna Sorokin posed as a billionaire heiress Anna Delvey to swindle banks and hotels out of nearly £150,000.

Her lies started to unravel when she was kicked out of the 11 Howard hotel in 2017, after racking up $30,000 (£21,000) of charges and failing to provide a working credit card.

The 30-year-old German was later found guilty in 2019 of theft of services and grand larceny and jailed in New York.

Sorokin was serving four to 12 years in state prison but was granted early release.

Netflix are said to have paid $320,000 (£270,000) for the rights to tell the story of how she duped banks by pretending to be a heiress with a $60million trust fund.

Her tale will soon be adapted into a TV series by the streaming giant.

It is reported that she is already using the money to pay off the banks she scammed, and Sorokin's crimes will be laid bare for the up-coming show.

The series will produced by Shonda Rhimes, behind hit TV shows Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.

But she has revealed she is also filming her own stuff.

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In an interview with Insider, she said: “I'm just kind of filming everything I'm doing right now and I'm going to see what to do with it later.

“I just got out of prison, like two days ago. So it's me like getting all this stuff from Sephora, me opening a bank account as soon as I get permission from my parole officer.

“I'm going to see my parole officer Tuesday for the first time. Things like that. It's a way to control what I want to tell. So many people, I see, are trying to tell my narrative. I just decided to do something on my own.”

She said she plans to write about her experiences.

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She added that she was treated like a celebrity while behind bars, and that “a lot of” correctional officers were “very inappropriate, very unprofessional".

Ms Sorokin, who hired a stylist for her trial and wore designer clothes in the dock, claimed some of them said things like: "Oh my gosh, I love your story. I'm following you on Instagram."

Sorokin attempted to get a $22 million (£16m) loan for a private arts club with fake papers and promised a friend a swanky trip to Morocco.

Her release comes after she reportedly apologised at a parole hearing six months ago.

"I just want to say that I'm really ashamed and I'm really sorry for what I did," she is quoted by the New York Post as saying in a hearing transcript.

"I completely understand that a lot of people suffered when I thought I was not doing anything wrong."

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