Family’s wrong turn on lockdown trek left red-faced parents stuck at adult shop

A young East Yorkshire family got a shock when they became lost during a countryside walk – and ended up at the door of an adult store.

The Gilmour family have thrown themselves into geocaching – an outdoor activity that involved using GPS to hide and find containers – which has taken them on walks all over the region, Hull Live reports.

They have created a blog documenting their lockdown adventures and the latest has certainly raised some eyebrows.

The family, consisting of mum Jenny, dad Rob and children Sophie, 11, Riley, nine, and Robyn, five planned a relatively short circular route close to Brough and just south of Ellerker.

Mum Jenny had hoped for a gentle geocaching adventure to enjoy the arrival of spring.

She said: “We were on a roll with our geocaching, spring is here and the geocaching season has begun for us.

“We decided we would go out on two consecutive days after a couple of weekends of dedicating just Saturday to our hobby.

“The plan was to go on a short walk just for an hour or two and I had located what I thought was a little loop.”

The walk started well with a pleasant stroll by a picturesque stream and they discovered a number of geocaches.

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A little while later it dawned on Jenny they may have taken a wrong turn.

She said: “We turned right which appeared to be a signposted footpath but when we got partway things didn’t feel right.

“I couldn’t see how we were going to make our way across to the car, we could see the bridge near where we parked but not the path through.

“I changed my view on my phone to see if I could see the trails on the Geocaching app, Rob and I were both looking at this point and I convinced him that we must need to give it a wide birth."

The family carried on walking but their final destination was certainly not what they had in mind.

Not only did they end up by the rather unglamorous and noisy A63 but they had stumbled upon an adult store.

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“We carried on walking and molehills seemed to appear but I was convinced it was going to meet round,” Jenny said.

“I can safely say now, it didn’t! We ended up by the side of the A63 next to the Pulse & Cocktails adult store! Oh my word, what were we going to do?”

Jenny had to call her dad to rescue them from their rather uncomfortable wrong turn.

“Granddad arrived and rescued us, the kids cheered with joy! We were all so very happy to see him and get warm in his car," the mum added.

“It’s the first time we have ever gone wrong on our geocaching adventures but we know to trust our instinct and we will look back and giggle with this story.

“The kids enjoyed telling their friends at school what had happened and the blame firmly lay with me.”

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