Final blast of 23C summer sun before temperature dives in weekend washout

Brits are set for one of the final days of summer sunshine today, with highs of 23C expected to warm areas of the UK.

The mercury will peak in the low-20s before it plummets in the weekend washout ahead and thunderstorms hit.

Brits will be lashed with storms, rain, and gusts over the coming days, with temperatures rarely reaching over 20C.

On Friday, the day will start with mist and fog before dry spells and warm sunny intervals, according to the Met Office.

Areas in the west will see thick clouds and some potential showers, with maximum mercury across the country rising to 23C.

Sun-worshippers will need to make the most of the rays as forecasters are predicting wet weather to take a turn for the worst this weekend.

On Thursday, Brits basked in 24C scorching conditions with the southeast providing blue skies and summer vibes.

The warm weather today could rival holiday hotspots like Portugal, Spain, and areas in southern France.

The week has seen a mixed bag of conditions, from storms to hot sunshine and the pattern is set to continue for the next week.

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Alex Deakin of the Met Office says there's still "quite a bit of uncertainty about the details" for this coming weekend.

He said: "The main three weather elements will be foggy conditions in the mornings, some heavy showers around – in fact, some big downpours are likely, but by no means for everyone – and there will be some warm sunshine around also."

However, the weekend is looking to be a complete washout, with cloudy and rain starting from Saturday.

Heavier downpours will then fall between the odd bright intervals, with more rainfall expected for both Sunday and Monday.

Wales and the southwest are set to see the heaviest of showers, with "hit and miss" downpours elsewhere tomorrow.

And Sunday will be a washout for most Brits, with "a lot of rain could fall in a relatively short space of time".

"Basically, we're expecting a bit more cloud on Sunday and a greater chance of seeing some heavy showers," the meteorologist said.

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