First-degree murder charges filed against Primrose Motel homicide suspect

The 17th Judicial District Attorney Brian Mason filed first-degree murder charges against Tomas Perez-Gonzalez, 32, for a homicide that occurred at the Primrose Motel on June 11 in Adams County.

The complaint states, “Perez-Gonzalez unlawfully, feloniously, after deliberation, and with the intent to cause the death of a person other than himself, caused the death of the victim in this case.”

In addition to the murder charge, Perez-Gonzalez is being filed for aggravated motor vehicle theft in the second degree on June 11, another count of aggravated motor vehicle theft in the first degree on June 17 and criminal mischief on June 17.

The June 11 shooting at the Primrose Motel on Federal Boulevard around 4:15 p.m. left one man dead. He was shot in the head, and authorities found him in a vehicle.

Perez-Gonzalez was found on June 17 when deputies located a black sedan at the Valli-Hi Motel.

Police tried to contact Perez-Gonzalez, but they say he fled, striking multiple police vehicles in the process of beginning a chase. Police say that eventually Perez-Gonzalez hid and barricaded himself inside an Arvada home for multiple hours before being taken into custody.

Perez-Gonzalez is scheduled to next appear in court Aug. 13.

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