Flight evacuated after prankster teen Airdrops photo of gun to fellow passengers

A plane was forced to be evacuated after a teen prankster sent photos of a gun to fellow passengers, leading to officials halting the take off of the flight.

The teen used the AirDrop function on his iPhone to send the picture of an airsoft gun to numerous passengers causing panic.

The evacuation took place at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday with the United Airlines flight set to fly to Orlando that afternoon.

As the plane was preparing to pull out of the gate, a teenage passenger started sending photos of the toy weapon to others on board, KNTV-TV reported.

The photo prompted officials to quickly stop the flight taking off and to evacuate all passengers immediately.

According to United Airlines, the plane was checked thoroughly before anyone was allowed back on, with the teen being refused re-entry onto the flight.

Chris Beale, a radio host and reporter, told SFGATE that the plane was "held on the tarmac after several passengers reported receiving inappropriate photos".

Once the message was sent, the pilot swiftly announced that there was a threat onboard the carrier and that everyone must evacuate.

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It's still unclear whether the boy will face any criminal action.

The AirDrop that is available on all Apple devices makes it easy to send and receive files and photos with other Apple users.

The function can be swapped between strictly contacts on your phone or anyone in the area who has it turned on.

A lot of people have the function turned on to everyone, with that being the default settings.

The function uses Bluetooth which then creates a mini WiFi network between devices to send photos and files back and forth.

In recent times, AirDrop has been used by public transport users to send memes and photos — however it has also been seen to be used to send unsolicited nudes, prompting people to turn off the function.

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