Footballers final mountain selfie petrified his dad days before body found

A tragic man's selfie atop a foggy mountain was the last snap he took before slipping to his death.

Alarm bells for Kieran Halliwell's safety rang with his family after he sent his dad a photo, at the summit of Mweelrea Mountain in County Mayo, Ireland.

Bernadette Halliwell said her and Kieran's sister was tasked by their father to keep messaging him to ensure he was okay but with no reply, they hurriedly left Manchester for Ireland.

The 35-year-old who played in the Manchester Football League was on holiday when he climbed the peak on August 15 – his body was found three days later, Manchester Evening News reports.

At its summit, Kieran used Whatsapp to send his father a selfie pointing to a mound of stones, surrounded by low level cloud or fog.

Bernadette told the Manchester Evening News that the family instantly feared for his safety upon seeing the image.

“My dad was petrified because it was very misty,” she said.

“He worked for GMP for nearly 40 years so he is well aware of dangerous situations. It’s the first thing he would have noticed.

“My dad contacted my sister and asked her to keep messaging Kieran. He said he didn’t feel comfortable that he was on the mountain and wanted to keep checking he was okay.”

On the same day he went missing, Kieran’s parents, Mary and Robert Halliwell, arrived back in Manchester from holidaying with Kieran, at around 7pm.

They knew something was wrong when he stopped responding to their messages.

“Because we have family in Ireland, one of our relatives went over to see where he parked his car,” 30-year-old Bernadette said.

“His car was still there.

“My parents got back in the car and drove straight to Holyhead and got the ferry.

“They drove all the way across Ireland to where he was.

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“They had the search parties out by that time and were out all hours of the night. It was 2am when they finished their searches on the pitch-black mountain.

“They found him on Wednesday afternoon.”

Kieran had experience in climbing but had never conquered Mweelrea Mountain previously.

A cousin was meant to join him on the hike but a change of plan meant he went alone.

Sadly, his family believe he accidentally lost his footing and fell.

In a statement, Kieran’s football club, Atherton Town F.C, described him as a 'light in this world' who 'made an impression on everyone he met'.

The club revealed his former teammates at Leigh Athletic & Eastleigh had set up a fundraiser for Mayo Mountain Rescue, who helped find Kieran’s body.

Anyone who is interested in donating can do so by following the link by clicking here.

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