Fortnite down as thousands of angry gamers complain they can’t log in for hours

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Popular video game Fortnite is down as potentially hundreds of millions of gamers across the world have been left unable to log in for hours.

A mystery outage was reported at around 1pm, with users saying they could not access the game online.

The Epic Games Store has reportedly been hit by errors, leaving players unable to properly access Fortnite, Rocket League and other games.

Players were instead hit by login errors and were unable to sign on.

It noted that the login problems meant that not only the store itself but games made and supported by Epic – Fortnite and Rocket League – were also seeing “degraded performance”.

Epic Games tweeted at 1.19pm UK Time: "We are investigating issues where logging into Epic Games accounts fails with the 'Invalid Client' error and preventing from logging in to the game. We will update you when this issue is resolved.

"We are also investigating Friends missing in your friends list."

Three hours later it added: "Our teams are still working on solving these issues for all players. Logins to the Epic Games Launcher and to Fortnite are still degraded."

Thousands of angry gamers have been venting on social media.

Swedish 16-year-old @pemrik replied: "@FortniteStatus hurry the f**k up"

9LIVES TabzG, who says he's an 18-year-old professional gamer for @9LIVESgg, said: "fix performance mode we dont care about logging in"

English competitive Fornite player Cinnamon added: "Should really be a simple fix but nah it never is with epic games."

The official Epic Games Status website has also been updated with info on the 'authentication' issues hitting players.

Around 1.30pm UK time today the Epic Games Status website was updated to say: "Players are currently unable to log in to their Epic Games account, Epic Online Services and connecting to games."

Soon afterwards Epic added another update to say: "We are continuing to investigate this issue."

According to the EGS Status website the Epic Games Store is experiencing a "partial outage" with authentication for Epic Online Services experiencing a "major outage".

Rocket League is also experiencing a "major outage" for the login system while Fortnite has also been hit with a "major outage" for login.

Fortnite is also experiencing a "degraded performance" for game services, parties, friends, messaging and matchmaking.

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