Frantic homeowner burned down their own house while fighting off invading snakes

A homeowner burned their house down while trying to manage a snake infestation on November 23.

Officials have confirmed that around 75 firefighters responded to the property on Big Woods Road near Poolesville, Maryland at 10pm.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue spokesman Pete Piringer tweeted that the owner tried using smoke from coals to fight the serpents in a house, according to NBC.

He tweeted: "Update Big Woods Rd, house fire 11/23; CAUSE, accidental, homeowner using smoke to manage snake infestation, it is believed heat source (coals) too close to combustibles; AREA of ORIGIN, basement, walls/floor; DAMAGE, >$1M; no human injures."

However, the fire started when hot coals got too close to flammable materials, sparking the fire.

Pringer added in a further update: "Status of snakes undetermined."

However, he did confirm there were no human injuries,

The fire spread from the basement and consumed the home, causing more than $1 million in damage, officials say. Photos show flames shooting from the roof and second-story windows.

In a similar incident, a bloke attempted to use an open flame to kill a 'huge wolf spider' that had invaded their home.

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The guy, from California, spotted a large spider in his bedroom and decided to pull out his trusty torch lighter and burn the little bugger, LadBible reports.

The Record Searchlight reported things went awry when the spider, now aflame, ran about, and set the mattress on fire.

It was then spread further by the critter as the burning arachnid began crawling up the curtains and set them alight causing over $14,000 worth of damage.

Wolf spiders aren’t poisonous but can inflict a painful bite if feeling threatened.

They are common in California and more than 200 species of the arachnid live throughout the US.

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