Freakish two-headed snake rescued from cat’s claws by stunned owner

A small snake with two heads is being cared for by researchers after a cat owner snatched it from her pet.

Kay Rogers from Florida, USA spotted the reptile in her living room when her daughter's cat, Olive, proudly brought it inside.

It was when Kay noticed the snake had two heads that she immediately stepped in to take it from the feline before it was killed.

The two-headed creature, identified as a black racer snake, is now in the hands of wildlife officials.

Kay told WKMG-TV : "Originally I thought my daughter was kidding when she said that. Then I saw him and was amazed, I had never seen anything like that."

Kay's daughter called the unusual snake, Dos, before passing it over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Research Institute.

The FWC said in a Facebook post: "This phenomenon, termed bicephaly, is uncommon but happens during embryo development when two monozygotic twins failed to separate, leaving the heads conjoined onto a single body.

"Both heads' tongues flick and react to movement, but not always in the same way."

Officials said Dos would be unlikely to survive in the wild due to its pair of independent brains making it difficult for the animal to eat and escape from predators.

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