Fullers ferry smashes into Hobsonville Wharf, Auckland

A Fullers ferry has smashed into Hobsonville Pt wharf. A witness says the crash sent binsflying and one girl fell flat on her face.

An Auckland Transport spokesman said it was alerted to the crash at 5.40pm and an investigation by Fullers was under way. It would then be referred to Maritime NZ.

“No one has been injured,” he said.

He said it was not yet known what caused the crash but the ferry did come in “very fast”.

A witness described the crash as “quite full on”, saying “we all just jumped off the bow and one girl fell flat on her face”.

“We slammed into the pier head but can’t get off.”

“He was trying to pull up alongside the wharf in the usual fashion but then the ferry drifted to a 90 degree angle and slammed into the wharf with its bow.”

She said the disabled ferry was now blocking the Hobsonville Pt pier.

Auckland Transport tweeted that a number of tonight’s Hobsonville and Beach Haven Ferry services were cancelled because of a breakdown.

This included:
• Auckland to Hobsonville and Beach Haven: 17.40
• Hobsonville to Beach Haven: 18.10
• Beach Haven to Hobsonville and Auckland: 18.15
• Hobsonville to Auckland: 18.20

The ferry that crashed was due to arrive at Hobsonville Pt at 5.30pm.

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