German shepherds adorable reaction to seeing horse for first time melts hearts

The heartwarming moment a German shepherd met a horse for the first time has gone viral online.

The nine-month-old puppy, named Axel, was unbelievably calm as video showed him meeting the big animal at a farm.

Owner "platinumpolishers" shared the heartwarming clip on Reddit on Wednesday and said: "Axel our nine-month-old German shepherd first time seeing a horse."

Axel looks up to the horse and sniffs at its snout, giving a gentle kiss on the cheek.

The black horse waits patiently and lets Axel come closer to him.

Viewers, many of whom were also German shepherd owners, were shocked that Axel reacted so calmly when seeing a horse.

One said: "Love his reaction."

A second commented: "My German shepherd Pebbles does good with horses too."

"'There’s so much snoot to sniff on this big dog!'" a third joked.

Another asked: "No barks? Amazing! Mine nearly barked herself an aneurysm when she first saw a horse!"

Axel's owner replied: "He did bark initially as we approached the horse.

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"The hair on his back was raised as well but he calmed down as he got closer."

While Axel handled his first animal meeting amazingly, another German shepherd threw a dramatic tantrum when his owner tried to take him in for a shower.

The pet faked a limp and lied on the floor in the most over-reacted attempt to stop his owner April Varian from taking him to the bathroom.

And recently, a golden retriever took the internet by storm with his reaction to noticing his favourite bed had been stolen by two pesky kittens.

Bailey went back and forth around his fluffy bed and barked at the feline but his tactic had zero effect on them.

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