Girl, 14, killed after ‘best friend shot her in the face after row over boy’

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A 14-year-old girl who shot her best friend in the head in a bathroom at point blank range killing her instantly is to be prosecuted amid suspicions the two had argued over the alleged killer's new boyfriend.

It has been reported that the shooter, identified by the name Laura, told police she accidentally shot her best pal Isabele Guimaraes at her home in Cuiaba, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, on July 12.

But following a 50-day investigation, Brazilian police have concluded that the act was intentional and say that the rest of Laura's family as well as her 16-year-old boyfriend, identified by the name Marcos, share some of the blame.

Laura shot her friend in the face in Laura's family's mansion in the upmarket Alphaville complex, where they both lived.

Police reported that Laura shot the victim with a gun belonging to her boyfriend Marcos, who faces charges for leaving it unlocked.

Marcos’ guns were at Laura's house because he had gone to a shooting range with her father, businessman Marcelo Martins Cestari, the day before the incident.

He left the weapons at the house because there was a slight problem with one and Marcelo had offered to fix it.

On the afternoon of the incident, Isabele went to Laura's house to bake a cake. Marcos was there, but left shortly after dinner.

Before he left, he reportedly put a magazine into one of his two pistols.

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Laura told the police that she was taking the pistol case up to her parents’ room after Marcos had left when she encountered Isabele in the bathroom.

Laura told police that she called Isabele twice but did not receive a reply.

She said she knocked on the bathroom door and as she did so one of the pistols partially fell out of the case.

Laura said that as she bent down to put it back in, she became unbalanced and one of the pistols fired accidentally.

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However, following the investigation, the police now believe Laura shot Isabele intentionally.

They noted that although Marcos had loaded the gun, the shooter still needed to cock the weapon to bring the magazine’s ammunition into the chamber, and then pull the trigger, they said.

They added that the nature of the bloodstains and the fall position suggest that Laura shot Isabele directly in the face at a height of 1.44 metres and a distance of 30 centimetres.

Meanwhile, Laura maintains her innocence.

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Security camera footage and an audio recording from the night show how the incident unfolded.

Marcos is seen calmly leaving the house shortly before the incident takes place.

Marcelo then called emergency services in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, telling the operator that Isabele "fell in the bathroom" and "hit her head and is losing lots of blood".

He told the operator that he could not hear Isabele breathing or feel her pulse.

During the recording, Marcelo follows instructions to try to resuscitate Isabele.

Further security camera footage shows Isabele's visibly worried mother arriving at the house after being informed of the incident.

Isabele’s mother claimed that the two girls became distant in the wake of Laura's relationship with Marcos, who Isabele described as jealous and manipulative for keeping Laura away from her friends.

The state police have indicted Laura, her parents, Marcos, and his father for assorted crimes related to the teen victim’s death.

Laura and Marcos will be tried in a juvenile court.

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