Google Maps user reckons theyve discovered Russias secret Arctic base

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A Google Maps user posted a video online claiming they have found "Russia's secret Arctic base".

The video clip, uploaded to Reddit, shows the camera zooming in on the area before fixing upon a sign that appears to be written in Russian.

The upload was quickly inundated with comments, many explaining to the original poster that the video actually features Antarctica and not the Arctic.

One said: "That's hilarious. FYI, Arctic is the north. You mean Antarctic."

Someone else later replied: "That is how they managed to keep it secret. No one would look for an Arctic base in Antarctica."

The original poster wrote: "To be honest I didn't even know there was a difference between antarctic and arctic.

"I always thought it was North Pole aka Santa's Home and Arctic/Antarctic."

Other internet users were quick to comment on the curious theory about "Russia secret Arctic base".

Google Maps users are often finding weird and wonderful stories on the popular site.

Recently some internet users became baffled after coming across a Chinese town that "looks like a model village".

The aerial images of the extremely dense 'shanty town' have caused a stir online after some users thought they were looking at a superimposed image.

However the village of Yaqiandou is in fact real and situated in the province of Shicuan, China.

It's home to the Yarchen Gar, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery of the Nyingma school. The enormous complex in the photo reportedly has thousands living there, including, monks and nuns.

Meanwhile, another user was amused after stumbling across a mystery island with an X-rated shape.

The image of the phallic-shaped island was uploaded to Reddit, sparking a string of funny comments from amused people.

The body of land in an X-rated shape is one of the islands that make up the archipelago of New Caledonia, an overseas French territory in the South Pacific Ocean.

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