Google Maps users hunt out filming locations of global Netflix hit Squid Game

Reddit users have been using Google Maps to spot locations used during the film of the hit series, Squid Game.

The South Korean show is the latest Netflix drama taking the world by storm and is set to become one of the most popular Netflix series ever, thanks to the nostalgia that it provides throughout, and the gory survival theme too.

Squid Game has sky-rocketed to international popularity, with fans obsessed with the show, binge-watching it in their masses.

Now, some users have been scouring Google Maps trying to uncover the various locations from the show and have been posting screenshots of their success on Reddit.

A user wrote: "I've found the location where Gi-hun and Sang-woo meet at the convenience store. Apparently, some of it was actually shot around Ssangmun-Dong, which is where Gi-hun says he lives.

"I've been trying to locate the sky building from the last episode by trying to find the Billy Angel bakery we see outside the window but I can't seem to find it…"

Another replied: "In the last episode, on the card, it’s marked "Sky Tower". I guess it is located in Seoul. I don't know if it's useful but maybe you can find it with this information.

"Same when Sang-woo and Ali are sent back to the street, they are in "the heart of Seoul" but I don't remember the name…"

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The news comes after Netflix was forced to removed scenes from Squid Game after a rookie production error that saw an unknown man receive thousands of nuisance phone calls as the phone numbers turned out to be legitimate.

Most films and TV shows use fake numbers within their productions, but the makers of Squid Game accidentally used a real one.

The number happened to belong to a Korean man who found himself receiving thousands upon thousands of calls every day.

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