Government’s new coronavirus rule from today will help slow the spread of Covid

Brits are being told to take one extra step to stop the spread of coronavirus this winter.

Government experts have recommended that households get into the new habit to help rid homes of coronavirus particles.

A new campaign has been launched to encourage Brits to open windows and improve ventilation in their homes.

Covid-19 spreads through droplets and small particles called aerosols in the air when they are exhaled through the nose and mouth.

The particles can linger for hours and built up over time, particularly in doors.

The longer people spend in the same room as these particles, the more likely they are to become infected.

Consequently experts have recommended that opening windows for short, sharp bursts of 15 minutes every few hours will help air the house out.

The advice forms part of the wider ‘hands face space’ guidance that Brits have become used to.

Research shows that being in a room with fresh air can reduce your risk of infection from particles by over 70%, as fresh air dilutes the particles.

As we spend more time indoors, experts are recommending that people either open windows for sharp bursts or leave windows slightly open for continuous periods.

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Additionally, it is advised that any household systems that use outdoor air, including kitchen or bathroom extractor fans, are used regularly as an additional method to remove infected particles.

Public Health Minister, Jo Churchill said: “We all spend more time inside over the winter, so ventilation is essential.

“As the weather gets colder and wetter, letting in fresh air in short burst helps to reduce the risk of coronavirus in our homes. We should all remember: open your windows, and Hands. Face. Space.”

According to experts it is particularly important to air homes when you have had visitors or tradespeople inside.

GP Dr Amir Khan said: “As we approach winter, and inevitably spend more time indoors, fresh air is extremely beneficial. For COVID-19, it is important to ventilate indoor spaces if someone in your home has the virus as this can help prevent transmission to other household members.

“You should also let fresh air into your home when you have any visitors and just after they leave in case they are infected. Remember, opening windows alongside washing your hands, covering your face and making space is also essential in reducing your risk of COVID-19.”

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