Grisly injuries of patients left paralysed, speechless or dead by Dr Death

The disturbing story of neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch has left viewers of new show Dr Death with chills.

Warped Duntsch was dubbed ‘Dr Death’ after two of his patients died, while 32 others say they were maimed.

The doctor slashed nerves and drilled into muscles in the 2010s in a shocking 18-month reign of terror.

His stomach-churning ops have now been brought to life in the UK on Starzplay via Amazon Prime.

The drama has an all-star cast including Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater.

Here we look at some of the most brutal botched surgeries performed by the Texan doctor turned butcher, who has been sentenced to life in prison.

Jerry Summers

One of his most tragic patients was Jerry Summers – Dunthsch’s former childhood pal and roommate.

Summers suffered chronic back pain after a car crash and asked Duntsch to operate on him.

However, Summers woke up paralysed from the waist down after the cervical fusion surgery.

Life was never the same and he died in February of this year after suffering an infection linked to the disastrous surgery back in 2014.

Kellie Martin

Not long after paralysing his old friend – Dr Death struck again.

This time it was school teacher Kellie Martin, who became the first victim to die after his clumsy op.

She was only undergoing minor surgery to fix a herniated disk but tragically bled out on the table.

Duntsch refused to stop the surgery before she was put in a medically induced coma.

The 54-year-old never woke up and died in 2012.

Floella Brown

Floella Brown was another patient who tragically lost her life at the hands of Dr Duntsch.

The surgeon sliced her vertebral artery, which triggered a stroke.

Days later, Flotilla was taken off life support.

Jeff Cheney

Grandfather Jeff Cheney asked Duntsch for help after experiencing pain in his shoulder and arm.

But when he regained consciousness, he couldn’t feel his right side.

That’s because the doctor had slashed part of his patient’s spinal cord during surgery.

Cheney was left unable to work and could no longer pick up his grandkids to hug them.

Marshall Muse

Marshall Muse lost his job and his wife after becoming an addict following a botched surgery.

He had the op after picking up a degenerative disk disease from running.

Duntsch failed to add in the right hardware to Marshal’s spine – and his victim woke up in agony.

Marshall soon spiralled into addiction before losing everything he loved.

Jackie Troy

Jackie Troy went under the knife and woke up unable to speak.

This is because Duntsch hacked her vocal cords during the procedure.

She had to eat through a tube after the disgraceful surgery.

Philip Mayfield

Another victim was Philip Mayfield.

He suffered chronic back pain after two decades of being a truck driver caught up with him.

Dunstch had left his spinal cord deformed and Mayfield was later told he’d never walk again.

He was paralysed from the neck down and he described the pain being so excruciating that it often caused him to pass out.

Mayfield passed away earlier this year.

Duntsch is now 74 and is serving a life sentence for maiming a patient.

Responding to the TV show, one fan wrote on Twitter: “Dr Death is deeply disturbing and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Jo Kendray added: “Just finished watching Dr Death – a medical version of Dirty John I suppose. Not keen for any spinal surgery anytime soon.”

And @Amarethiel wrote: “Just watched episode one of Dr Death and I can already predict a very long night ahead of me.

“Gotta say… gruesomely amazing.”

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