Haiti presidents body was riddled with 12 bullet holes and had eye gouged out

The president of Haiti Jovenel Moïse's body was found riddled with 12 bullet holes with his left eye shot out by assassins.

Exit wounds were found in the 53-year-old's forehead, one in each nipple, three in the hip and one in the abdomen, Deputy justice of the peace Carl Henry Destin said.

Police said they "blocked" and killed three of the assassins as they fled from the raid on the presidential residence in Port-au-Prince early on Wednesday.

Video released after the shooting purports to show heavily armed men dressed in black body outside the building shouting in English: "DEA [US Drug Enforcement Administration] operations, everybody stay down!"

Two Haitian-born US citizens and 15 Colombian nationals have been arrested following the brazen raid, Mail Online reports.

Haitian police said James Solages, 35, a south Florida charity boss and claims to be a former bodyguard at Canada's embassy in Haiti and Joseph Vincent, from the Miami area, were detained.

Police chief Leon Charles on Thursday said three suspects were killed with with several still at large who "will be killed or arrested".

The firefight began after the assassins took three police officers hostage.

Mr Charles said: "We blocked them as they left the scene of the crime." The hostages were later freed.

Haiti's ambassador to the US, Bocchit Edmond, called them "well-trained professional commandos" adding there was "no way" they were US agents.

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Interim PM Claude Joseph said they were "foreigners who spoke English and Spanish".

The police chief had earlier claimed seven suspects had been killed but gave an update at a press conference with the 17 suspects sat handcuffed on the floor.

He said that only three other suspects were killed by police and eight others are on the run.

Mr Charles also identified all of the dead and at-large suspects as Colombian with a variety of weapons and Colombian passports arrayed on a table.

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"Foreigners came to our country to kill the president," he said.

"There were… 26 Colombians, identified by their passports… and two Haitian Americans as well. We are going to bring them to justice."

The US State Department said it was aware of reports that Haitian Americans were in custody but could not confirm or comment.

Moïse's wife Martine, 47, was shot in the leg, arm and abdomen during the attack.

She was flown to Miami where she is said to be stable but critical.

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The couple's three children, Jomarlie, Jovenel Jr and Joverlein are reportedly in a "safe location".

Deputy justice Destin said Jomarlie had survived by hiding in her brother's room.

He added Moïse's armed guards, part of the Haitian National Police, were not targeted in the raid.

A state of emergency has been declared in Haiti.

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