Harrowing moment woman faints while being flogged by police for premarital sex

A harrowing video shows an Indonesian woman collapsing in pain after being flogged in public for having sex before marriage.

The woman and her male lover each received 100 lashes for having premarital sex in the city of Lhokseumawe in the province of Aceh, the only region which enforces sharia law, on Monday (June 27).

At first, she stands up and barely flinches as each painful blow strikes her back.

But later on in the clip she is kneeling down while being caned and takes a deep breath each time it hits her in the back.

Another moment shows her standing up and then fall forwards onto her knees from the pain, before keeling over and clearly having fainted, as officers rush forwards to check on her health.

She is carried off the platform while still unconscious by several people.

Members of the public witnessed the woman collapsing after receiving lashes from officials from the regional Wilayatul Hisbah (Islamic religious police force) and Satpol PP (Public Order Agency).

During the public flogging, two other defendants were whipped for drinking booze and another for organising a room for the premarital fling.

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The man was reportedly punished with 75 lashes for providing a venue for the romp while the two alcohol drinkers received 40 lashes each, according to Tribun News.

Wilayatul Hisbah chief Zulkifli said: "[She] had to be carried away from the location because she fainted after receiving 100 lashes."

The Islamic cop added that she quickly came round and was doing well afterwards.

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Aceh is the only province in Indonesia with the autonomy to be able to enforce sharia law.

The deeply conservative province carries out floggings for a range of offences, including drinking alcohol, adultery, and engaging in premarital or homosexual sex.

In 2018, Aceh officials vowed to end public floggings and carry them out behind prison walls instead.

But despite those promises, the number of public floggings and canings has reportedly risen instead.

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