Harry and Meghan Markle called nauseating hypocrites on NYC tour by expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's feted visit to New York last week was a nauseating and superficial adventure better left ignored, a royal expert has claimed.

Harry: A Biographer of a Prince author Angela Levin, in a column for Sun Online, said the Sussexes tried to lecture a bored public about something they know little about.

She wrote: "Watching Prince Harry and Meghan's arrogance and hypocrisy on their preachy tour of New York appals me.

"The three-day visit felt like the launch of a woke alternative to the Royal Family that we have in the UK; a push for everybody to ditch them to follow Harry and Meghan, who understand young people and the issues that matter.

"Their appearance at the Global Citizen concert was nauseating."

She then added: "When the reality is they are not experts about COVID-19 or climate change.

"It’s all so vacuous and superficial, and aimed at a US audience that’s lapping it all up.

"Every time this couple makes a move, the hypocrisy grows."

Levin claimed last week Harry is jealous of Prince William and takes every excuse to participate in pseudo-royal engagements.

She also tweeted earlier this month the controversial couple are trying to set up their own "alternative woke royal family" in an attempt to undermine the Queen.

Harry and Meghan spent three days in the Big Apple meeting with senior politicians and diplomats.

Archie and Lilibet remained in California, reports said.

They put global vaccine equality, racial justice and climate change at the front and centre of their efforts.

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Harry and Meghan stayed at the luxury Carlyle Hotel said to be a favourite of Princess Diana.

Royal commentator Charlie Rae said the Sussexes' East Coast adventure was a "glorified tourist visit".

He told TalkRADIO yesterday: "Three days in New York, and I think some of the media are getting overexcited.

"There are hardly any crowds there in any of the photos.

"There are more NYPD officers than anyone else."

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