Harrys book to launch missiles at royals after holding back with Oprah – expert

Prince Harry may have deliberately left out allegations in the Oprah Winfrey interview so he would have more material for his book, a brand expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussexannounced he was working on a new memoir last month, sending shockwaves through theRoyal Family.

Harry has teamed up with Pulitzer Prize-winning ghostwriter JR Moehringer and has already finished the first draft,Page Sixreported.

Prince WiliamandPrince Charlesare already reportedly "nervous" about the book’s contents.

Eric Schiffer, a brand and reputation management expert, told the Daily Star it could have a significant impact on the royals’ standing.

Asked if Harry had held back material in the Oprah interview, he responded: “Yes, without question.

“He didn’t fire all cannons tied to his deep emotional pain, childhood angst, and challenges with Meghan and the royal family to the fullest extent.

“They likely recognise that either for personal reasons or financial reasons, it made more sense to hold tight.”

In terms of marketing the book, Mr Schiffer believes Harry and Meghan’s team will be targeting Gen Z and millennial customers.

He said: “They highly identify with them because of their desire to be transparent and to share their raw truth in an authentic light.”

Mr Schiffer went on: “I think the book will get attention from millennials and Gen Z … in the US and around the world.

“Both Harry and Meghan have made a conscious and strategic communication strategy to connect with that audience.”

A source earlier toldUS Weeklythat they are "particularly concerned about what Harry will reveal".

The prince has not relented in his criticisms of the royals since the Oprah interview, and has since compared his childhood to growing up in a “zoo”.

Harry said he and his family moved out of the UK to “break the cycle” of “pain and suffering”.

Discussing the impact of his latest announcement, Mr Schiffer said: “I would imagine that the reaction would be an emotional inner explosion of anger frustration and betrayal coupled with deep anxiety over the significant incoming missiles that could significantly hurt the brand and reputation.”

The Daily Star has approached Harry and Meghan's representative for comment.

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