Have Your Say: Is Emmanuel Macron a friend of Britain?

Marine Le Pen slams 'lame duck' Emmanuel Macron

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Liz Truss made the remarks in Norfolk during a round of quick-fire questions at a Tory leadership hustings, to applause from the audience.

The Foreign Secretary is thought to be the frontrunner in the leadership race, and will have to work with the French President to tackle global issues if she becomes prime minister.

When asked for a response, Mr Macron revealed that he does not see Britain as an enemy, and predicted “serious problems” if the two countries are unable to acknowledge this.

He said: “I have not the slightest doubt, the UK is a friend of France .. if between France and the UK we can’t say if we are friends or enemies, we’re heading for serious problems.”

Mr Macron added that the UK is a friend of France “regardless of its leaders, and sometimes in spite of its leaders”.

But France and the UK have had a turbulent relationship in recent years, finding disagreements over a number of sensitive issues.

Brexit, border controls, and asylum seekers crossing the English Channel have presented problems and caused Paris and London to row.

Britain’s neighbour is a NATO member and one of only nine countries in the world to possess nuclear weapons, giving it huge influence over international affairs.

So, do you think Emmanuel Macron is a friend of Britain?


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