Heart-stopping photos show death-defying tourists in tent on side of 300ft cliff

A tent has been spotted pitched up on the side of a 300ft rocky cliff edge.

The snap of 'extreme camping' in Cornwall were shared in horror by aerial photography Instagram page Perran Above on Wednesday.

But given the terrifying size of the cliff face at Cligga Head, in Perranporth, the hardly visible tent looks tiny by comparison.

The daredevil tourists may wake up to incredible uninterrupted views of the sea but they may also struggle to safely climb back to the surface.

It is not clear how many people are sleeping there or how long they have been there.

Close to the unlikely camping spot is the Cornish wonder known as The Prison, a collapsed cave that is only usually accessible by sea and is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Perrans Above captioned the image: "Extreme camping. Cornwall is busy and camping spots are at a premium, but this is extreme.

"Can you spot the tent?"

The page added: "At least you'd wake up with an amazing view I suppose."

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Readers blasted the stupidity of the campers in response to CornwallLive's report.

"Interesting rolling over in the night, or going for a pee," one commented.

Another said: "As the old saying goes; common sense just ain't quite so common these days !!!!"

A third added: "Imagine that feeling when you are just drifting-off to sleep and then suddenly jolt awake because you think you are falling, and then you realise that you really are!"

Earlier this year a couple and a child were visited by emergency services after pitching a tent on a cliff edge in a stretch of the North York Moors, in Yorkshire, known for landslips.

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The family had pitched up right on the 280ft cliff's edge, also breaking Covid-19 regulations.

Staithes coastguard said they had issued safety advice to two adults and a child camping on the cliff edge due to the dangerous location of their tent, especially with recent landslips.

Adam Turner, senior coastal operations officer for HM Coastguard, said: “The family were in an extremely perilous position with no idea of the extreme danger they were in.

“Cliff edges are really unstable and can easily collapse, as recent landslips in the area have shown."

He added: "Please take care near cliffs."

A number of serious landslides in recent years across Cornwall have highlighted the staggering reality of how serious cliff erosion will become, with parts of the coast edge able to go at any minute.

Not only is wild camping illegal – but it can be extraordinarily dangerous.

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