Heavy snow and freezing rain to batter Brits in -12C icy temperatures

Brits could be hit with 11 inches of snow this morning as the Met Office issue an amber weather warning.

As much as 30cm of snow is expected to fall in Scotland and 20cm in northern parts of England.

Freezing rain is also set to batter the UK this week, and Brits are warned they could experience potential power cuts and travel delays.

The amber weather warning includes roads may be affected by deep snow, putting vehicles at risk of being stranded.

There is also a "good chance" that some rural communities may become cut off, according to the weather agency.

The warning, which began at 3pm on Wednesday, will last until 10am on Thursday.

Temperatures are set to plummet to -7C in the east of England on Wednesday night, and could plunge to -11C or -12C in Scotland.

The rest of the country will see heavy rainfall, particularly in London and the south east.

Wales and Northern Ireland are predicted to stay mostly dry.

  • UK weather: Brits warned over two-day snowstorm bringing 7 inches of snow in icy blast

John Griffiths, a Met Office forecaster, dismissed any link to the widely reported "Beast from the East 2", simply saying the conditions are "normal" for the winter weather cycle.

Previously, forecasters had warned a sudden stratospheric warming event was brooding which could push Siberian winds from Russia over to the UK.

The same event occurred in 2018, leading to the dramatic Beast from the East which caused havoc across the country.

Mr Griffiths said: "On Thursday a band of rain, sleet and snow will hit parts of Scotland and northern England, which will slowly extend south to the Midlands as the day progresses.

"It is expected to be very cold in these areas, dropping below 0C (32F) in Scotland and parts of northern England.

"This will start to gradually ease and die out during the evening, with frost and freezing fog coming in."
Mr Griffiths said Friday will "start cold and foggy", with most areas becoming dry and bright over the rest of the day.

He said a yellow weather warning is also in place on Saturday, which could see heavy snow across parts of Scotland to central parts of England.

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