Hero deliveryman saves dog being strangled to death by leash in moving lift

A horrifying video shows a dog being strangled to death after its leash was caught in a moving lift – only to be saved by a quick-thinking delivery driver.

In the clip, which is CCTV recorded on October 23 in Jingmen, China, the unfortunate pooch is yanked towards the ceiling when the doors close in the empty lift on the 22nd floor.

The lift descends and the yelping dog is yanked towards the ceiling where it dangles by the lead.

A similar incident where a man was accused of hanging a dog by its leash resulted in the animal's death.

Fortunately for this pooch, the delivery driver had called the lift one floor down and was surprised to encounter the dangling dog when the doors opened.

The courier recoils at the sight of the dog hanging by its lead in front of him and quickly grabs its body to take the weight off before attempting to remove its lead.

It took several attempts due to the doors shutting and opening repeatedly, but eventually, the dog was saved.

Meanwhile, he carries the animal away to apparently track down its owner who didn't appear to be watching their dog during the incident in the city of Jingmen in China.

This comes after a thug was accused of hanging a dog to death by its leash after the crime was caught on CTTV.

Detectives found a dog hanging from a fence in Las Vegas on October 4.

A check of security footage revealed the suspect walked the animal into the car park on a lead and then hanged it.

And a McDonald's worker jumped out of his car to save a dog after he saw it "flying through the air" after being launched from a moving vehicle in Nottinghamshire.

The lurcher was thrown out of the truck while it was travelling at 60mph on the A52 and tragically, despite the best efforts of its saviour, it died from its injuries.

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