Horrified wife discovers husband lives double life with second wife and kids

A woman spoke of her anguish after finding out her husband was a secret bigamist who'd lived with another wife and kids for 15 years.

Irishman Tom McCabe, 51, was already married for 15 years when he wed second wife Maria Gullen Garcia in 2010, The Mirror reports.

Tom's first wife Bridget O'Connell gave birth to their 23-year-old daughter. They also raised a stepson together.

Five years ago Maria found pictures suggesting Tom might've had an another family, so he began her own second life as a private investigator to find the truth.

She was horrified to discover the niece who looked strikingly like Tom was really his daughter.

Maria told The Mirror: "He told me they were together for 14 years but never married or had ­children.

"He showed me pictures of his stepson, who he told me was his nephew.

"I knew something wasn’t right because Bridget had his surname.

"I saw a picture of his daughter, who he told me was his niece, it looked so much like him."

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Tom's embattled beau said she spent a year doing her homework after he swerved questions about his past.

“He ­probably thought I’d never find out but I’m not stupid.

“I had to pretend I didn’t know for about a month as I had booked a holiday and wanted to leave him.

“When I left for my holiday I left out our marriage certificate and crossed through it with a pen, I left my rings and a letter telling him I’d leave him in the hands of the police and he had to get out.

“He is a compulsive liar and left me in over £20,000 of debt that took six years to pay off.”

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Gaslighter Tom admitted one count of bigamy this week, though he claimed Bridget told him they were divorced.

Tom's first wife said she feels sorry for Maria for being lied to.

Bridget said: “His new wife started messaging my children and they said she kept asking them questions about Tom.

“One day I messaged her. She said she was married to him and I said ‘well that’s weird, because I’m still married to him unfortunately’.

"The reason I didn’t bother divorcing him is because I didn’t want to see him again. I did not tell him we were divorced, he is lying."

Maria and Tom's marriage has been annulled, the north London court heard.

McCabe, of Hyde End, Bucks, will be sentenced on a date to be scheduled.

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