Horrifying moment headless snake tries to attack dog walker on deserted beach

A dog walker has filmed the terrifying moment a headless snake tried to lunge at him after being prodded by a tennis racket.

The unknown man came across the mutilated reptile while walking on an empty beach in Australia.

Not expecting it to be alive, he decided to poke at it with his racket.

But, as the horrifying footage shows, the snake attempted to launch an attack.

As soon as it is touched, it sways side-to-side in an attempt to locate the man.

At one point it seems to lunge out but is nowhere near where the cameraman is standing.

Somehow, the creature even manages to hiss as it slithers around.

The nightmarish video was shared to Reddit by user JakoNoble, who said he came across the sight while walking his dog.

He suggested it could have been attacked by a bird before being dropped on the beach.

“I reckon it was a bird that did it,” the user continued. “They will often come up for air and be on the surface for a while. There are also a few birds of prey in the area.”

One viewer claimed it could have occurred after someone cruelly hit it with a shovel.

And the uploader admitted he “would be surprised” if that was the case, but added: “I think the only saving grace is there was a small chunk taken out of its side too, as if something had eaten a bit.”

It comes after the world’s second-deadliest snake that has the ability to kill with a single bite was discovered in a children’s bedroom.

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