Horrifying moment rampaging bull breaks out of ring and charges at spectators

This is the terrifying moment a rampaging bull throwing a rodeo rider off its back and breaking out of the ring in a chaotic scene.

Video taken at the arena in Puruándiro, Michoacán in Mexico on Sunday shows the angry bull spinning out of control before it manages to cross a low fence and attacking fans at the spectator seats.

The audience can be heard screaming in fear and fleeing to safety while the animal wreaks havoc in the area.

One woman, who is trying to control the beast, appears to be struck by its horns several times. Despite this, she continues to try and steer the animal away from the spectators.

A man in a wheelchair has a narrow escape from the charging bull, who escaped the arena after tossing off its rider.

Eventually, the support staff were able to corral the animal and steer it back to the arena – placing several more people in danger until they were able to clamber over a safety fence.

Witnesses reported that at least 10 people were injured by the bull at the “La Salud” bullring, according to Mexico News Daily.

Local officials from the municipal authorities had granted the rodeo a licence even though such gatherings were banned under Covid-19 regulations.

As well as the rodeo, the event featured food, alcohol and several bands playing music popular in the region.

Earlier this year, a rodeo rider was killed by a charging bull in a "freak accident".

Bruce "Greenie" Green, 62, was run at by a beast during the Tamworth Rodeo Roundup, stated the Australian Bushmen's Campdraft and Rodeo Association (ABCRA), in January.

He was treated at a hospital where he later died. Greenie was described as an "extraordinary" man who was selfless and cared a lot about his friends and family.

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