Horror as worker sucked into meat grinder while removing chicken carcasses

A factory worker was tragically killed after she was sucked into a giant meat grinding machine.

Distressing CCTV taken inside the poultry farm in Belousovo, Kaluga region of Russia, shows the unnamed woman working near a conveyor belt.

She is seen removing and stacking chicken carcasses before her hand gets trapped in between two moving wheels of the rotating conveyor mechanism.

The woman is then dragged and sucked into the grinder before another colleague manages to put an emergency stop on the machine.

An Investigative Committee said: "The employee died on the spot.

"It is difficult to imagine what she experienced before she died.

"Employees of the plant who came running from her screams could no longer help her."

According to preliminary data from the forensic medical examination, she died as a result of chest trauma.

The case came to light as officials released findings of an investigation which found a slew of safety breaches due to “negligence”.

“There were no protective shields on the machine and there was free access to its rotating mechanisms,” said the committee.

Legal action is expected against the poultry farm and an organisation responsible for providing workers for the plant.

Tigran Avakumyants, the head of the Zhukovsky inter-district investigative department in the Kaluga region, told Obninsk.Name, a criminal case was launched due to a violation of labour protection requirements under Article 143 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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