Horror head lice infection nearly kills girl as mum ‘too lazy to comb them out’

A four-year-old girl nearly died from a horrific head lice infestation in the US after her mother was "just too lazy to help comb them out".

Medics were shocked to discover the youngster couldn't walk, and had to give her at least four blood transfusions due to the parasites sucking the oxygen from her body.

Her mother Shyanne Nicole Singh, 26, was arrested after taking the child to a hospital in Scottsburg, Indiana last month, reports The Lexington Herald Leader.

An affidavit said medical staff told police that they had measured the girl's hemoglobin levels when she was admitted, it was said.

Hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen throughout the body to the organs and tissues and expels carbon dioxide.

Typical levels are around 12 grams per deciliter (g/dL), but the girl's were just 1.7 g/dL, the newspaper reported.

Staff at the hospital said the girl's levels were the lowest they had ever seen and, because of it, they declared her a "near fatality".

The affidavit reportedly added that the girls' grandmother told police she asked Singh how the girls' lice infestations had gotten so out of control.

In response, the mother said that "she didn't notice, and that [she] was just in a fog".

The grandmother also told police that the two girls has lice in November, but that Singh "was just too lazy to help comb them out and it would start all over again".

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Singh has now been charged with several counts of neglect, including neglect of a dependent, neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury, and neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury, it was reported.

She was due to make her first appearance in court on Friday.

Court documents indicate that the girl had to have at least four blood transfusions and was so sick she could could not walk.

The girl's six-year-old sister was also found to be infected with lice, according to the Herald Leader.

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The newspaper reported that an officer who saw photos of the girl said it was the worst infestation he had ever seen.

Police interviewed school workers who told them that the six-year-old had been sent home from school in early March after having lice for three consecutive days.

However, she did not return and had missed at least 31 days.

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The six-year-old girl's hemoglobin levels were 8.7 g/dL, which is low but not as dangerously low as her sister's.

The Department of Child Services have removed the two girls from their mother's home and have placed them in the custody of their grandmother.

The girls' plight is finally believed to have been exposed after their grandmother took photos of the infestation to a pharmacist, and the pharmacist urged her to take the children to a hospital.

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Singh was being held in the Scott County Detention Center but appears to have been released on bail or bond.

Authorities have not released any further updates on her children's conditions.

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